Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Tour in India, A Unique and Thrilling Experience.

I am Marks Friedrich, Stroller is my profession and hobby too, i have traveled most of the world, my hobbies are walking around the world and sharing her experience with you, i spent most of my time walking around, i have visited more than 70 countries, and shared his experience with you, Today I am sitting here to share my experience with you, the experience I am going to share with you is very exciting and fun, The place where I am going to describe, the people know the name of the land of the mountains, the world’s highest peak and mountain in that country, that country is full of diversity, the culture and civilization of it is worth watching, , The country is also called the country of sages and Munis. and that country is India, Yes India.

I have just visited India, which was very exciting, living tolerance and culture were also exciting, On the distance of every hour, the way of life of people changed, the language of people changed every two hours. I thought It was not a single country but I have come to a group of countries, this was a surprising experience, In spite of such interference, people were living with so much love, it was beyond my understanding.

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Well, was talking about the Great Himalayan, by the taxi from delhi to rishikesh I would entered the area of the great himalyan hill, There I experienced immense peace, i never felt so much comfort in my life , Then i went ahead, going towards Tihri, I was going towards Uttarkashi, my mind was thrilled with this journey, Seeing a high hill and greenery, the eyes were getting cold, And seeing deep trenches then started to feel scary, Reaching the Gangotri, the hills filled with ice were beginning to feel proud, look as far as, the ice sheet was visible in C, The snow-covered hill was visible, It's winter for years, and there is a lot of snowfall in the winter months, which attracts the tourist very much.

I liked the best in the Himalaya area, it was there animal and birds, the bears of that known as Himalayan Beers, they change their lives according to the weather, in the summer it is brown and is quite curvy, But when the winter comes, their color changes, the fat starts to form on their body and their color becomes white, and they also become very prostrate, on the other side I also saw some Siberian Birds, which traveled about 12000 kilometers and came to the Himalayas, these birds are called migrants, which occur in the Himalayan region to breed due to more cold in the Siberian region. and then, as the summer comes, she returns to her home, here I found many other types of animals that were quite unique to see, and they are only found in the Himalayan region, such as Himalayan Deer, Lion, Tiger and many more,

I have captured all these moments in my camera and whenever I feel like seeing these photos, I remember those moments, I was also very happy to meet people there, Keeping hospitality at the top in India, there the guest is given the status of God, people of that are very helpful, and are of very good nature, Why India is called Great, you will know by going there.

If you are fond of stroll, then once India goes, you will see how civilization and culture are different from the world, how different and good people are there, If you go to India and feel lonely while living in Delhi then you can call to Mahipalpur Escorts Service, she will remove your loneliness, because the girls of Mahipalpur escorts are very professional.

That's all, in the next article I will tell you about some other place. If you like this article then do not forget to like and comment.
Good Night, Have a sweet dream. 

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